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Høsten 2015


The Bible College at Fossnes was founded in 1992. The little missionary organization Norsk Luthersk Lekmannsmisjon (literally: Norwegian Lutheran Laymanmission) is the owner organization. We wish to take care of the rich Lutheran heritage from the 15th century reformation, and the spiritual revival in the Scandinavian countries in the 18th and 19th century, which started with the layman and revival preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge, and lather deepened by the revival led by the Swedish preacher Carl Olof Rosenius.

With our Bible College we wish:

  • to be a bible-school, and therefore we emphasizes the bible subjects
  • to disseminate unchanged what the Bible itself says
  • that the Word of God can do it’s own work in each student to revival and repentance, salvation and new life, and to deepen and strength the faith and life in God
  • to take care of the rich Lutheran heritage, and the heritage from the later revivals in Scandinavia
  • to raise distress for the preaching of the gospel to new generations and peoples that never heard it


The College is located in beautiful contryside surroundings in Stokke in Vestfold, hundred kilometers south of Oslo, close to the cities Tønsberg and Sandefjord.


Most subjects passes through both the autumn- and spring semester, but some of them only in autumn or spring. The most of the students therefore study one whole year, but some also only autumn or spring.

Among our subjects is Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, Selected Psalms, Prophet Isaiah, Gospel of Matthew, Gospel of John, Paul’s letter to the Romans, First letter to the Corinthians, Book of Revelation, Church history, Song and Music, Homiletics, Pastoral care, and some others.


We gladly hear from you, and you are welcome to contact us through the contact information you can find here.